Thank you for your interest in donating!

We aim to empower, provide support and assistance to Filipinos in Serbia, as well as promote Filipino culture, tourism, and language.

We have helped a number of kababayans since the establishment of the Association, providing financial, accommodation, legal, and repatriation assistance, with the help of kind donors and volunteers.

We are hoping to do more.

Your support will assist us in maintaining our website and communication channels, pay for all the taxes required of us, afford all the logistical needs of the Association, assist us in joining and/or hosting events that will promote our country, while continuing to provide assistance to our kababayans whenever they need

In exchange for your generosity, we are happy to prominently acknowledge you on our website, social media channels, events, and media coverage, if any. We are open to discuss and answer any questions on how we can further collaborate.

Below are our bank details:

For RSD Transfers:

Account Name: Asocijacija Filipinaca Srbije

Account Number: 340-1000024540-25

Payment Code: 288 (for web or mobile banking), 188 (if sending via payment centers)

For International Transfers:

Account Name: Asocijacija Filipinaca Srbije

IBAN: RS35340000100002454995